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Chris. Like your to come by your Studio in the spring for a visit..... perhaps buy a few.......thanks, Stephen
-- Stephen Francis Duffy, 1/16/14

fantastic prints! I'm a fellow printmaker, I admire your work.
-- Katie , 1/24/12

I bought my first print ever from you, 10 years ago, I think. You had been part of an exhibit in Red Hook. Later, running by a liquor store on Atlantic Avenue there hung a series of three of the subway prints which completely captured my heart. I thought I recognized the work and wrote down the number. A friend and I came to your place in Carroll Garden. Your wife (and baby) patiently waited as we looked and touched. I got one for my friend for 40th birthday (the A train woman) and one for me (the Brooklyn train woman). Hers hangs in her apartment in Finland. Mine hangs in my living room (which is now in Philadelphia). It is among the other prints I've gathered over the last 10 or so years. But, Ms. 5:43 remains dear to me. Very dear. Thank you.
-- Lisa, 12/12/10

great job!!! you're fantastic! I wish I had a portrait.....sob sob..... serious, they're wonderful!
-- Anonymous, 1/3/10

As always, solid and varied ART, glad you are still at it! Hurray for Chris!
-- Rachel, 2/21/09

Chris -- your artwork is truly amazing and inspiring, but something's missing . . . where is the purple cactus? Take care and keep creating.
-- Gena, 2/4/09

Hey Chris - I just found your website - you've been a busy man! I love your site and the work you've been doing - it's great to see NYC through your art and to see what you've been doing since our ultimate days. I wish you great success and hope you and the Deb and kids are doing great. If you can, put a link to the Gowanus tour - I'd like to hear about that too!
-- Jon Grant, 1/6/09

Hey Chris! It was great meeting you and seeing your work. We'll have to make it a point to get together with Jen and JP again soon, and allow more time for us to talk "art" without being rushed! :o) Again, it was wonderful to meet you and hang out with you in Arizona. I wish you and your family well. Good luck with your art and your greeting cards! Stay in touch, OK? P.S. Don't try jumping off any benches! :o)
-- Katrina Finlinson (Jen & Jp's Sis), 11/10/08

Hi Chris I got a chance to check out this website. Your subjects-subway, homeless, are things I, as I know many others like to see more of-NYC it's real side. Keep us posted on your progress. I would like to see more of these scenes as you capture and create them. Keep at it!!!
-- Dave Wolffe Aka Papa Dave/nanny Janet, 3/29/08

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