How is a woodcut or linocut print made?

          A print is an ink design transferred to paper from a surface.  Woodcut and   
    linocut prints are relief prints, meaning that the top surface transfers the 
    image. The basic idea of block printing is that the non-printing parts of the 
    design are carved away from the block. The remaining surface is covered with 
    ink and pressed on to a sheet of paper transferring the image. Plywood, wood
    planks or linoleum sheeting, usually glued to a wood base, can be used as the
    block.   The pressing can be done with a printing press, a tool called a baren, 
    or even the back of a spoon. For small blocks like my business cards I have
    pressed them by standing on the block.  The edition is the total number of 
    prints published not including artist's proofs.
          Multiple colors can be achieved a number of ways: multiple blocks, 
    reduction printing, block print over a monoprint , handcoloring with water 
    color or stencil.


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